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Insurance Claim Forms

Due to an increasing number of disputed claims between our clients and their insurance companies we are formalising our policies on completing insurance claim forms.

Please remember that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurers, and that we cannot accept liability for any costs if your insurance company does not honour your claim. We therefore expect all bills to be paid before submitting any claims on your behalf.

Before undertaking any expensive work it may be possible to submit a pre-authorisation claim to your insurance company: this ensures that the claim will be paid and can relieve worries about running up a big bill. If a pre-authorisation claim has been agreed we can then accept payment from your insurer directly, although you will still have your excess and any agreed percentage to pay.

Insurance companies usually expect us to submit a full clinical history from the time your pet was registered with us along wi th all claims. We cannot refuse to give this information. A claim may be refused if there was a history of related problems prior to the start of your period of insurance.

Claim Forms:

  1. Before making a claim, please check your policy carefully for any details or exclusions which could affect your claim.
  2. Please fill in all your sections of the form as indicated, in particular the condition claimed for and the dates. We are not permitted to fill in these sections, and cannot complete the veterinary sections (usually marked ‘Vet to Complete’) until these are done.
    Note: you do not need to put a full diagnosis in the ‘problem’ section, just the reason that you sought veterinary attention, e.g. ‘off colour’, ‘sore ear’, ‘stiff back’ etc.
  3. Bring or send the form to the surgery. We will complete the veterinary section and then send the form and all the relevant invoices off for you.
    Note: we keep a full copy of all completed forms should there be any problems with your claim. If you wish, we can return the completed form for you to check before it is submitted to your insurers.

We will endeavour to help with any queries about your claim, and you may need to contact your insurer to officially give them permission to discuss your claim with us.

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