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Insuring your Cat

Cats and kittens can be very inquisitive, and this can sometimes lead to serious consequences: we recommend that you insure your kitten as soon as possible!

It is bad enough having to care for a much-loved pet when they fall ill or get injured without having to worry about potentially expensive veterinary bills. This is where Pet Insurance schemes can cushion the blow.

It is important to read the 'small print' of any insurance policy carefully. Whilst we are unable to advocate any one particular insurance company or policy, there are some important points to take note of when taking out a policy:

  • A “Life-time” policy will cover your cat for life for any particular condition, up to a maximum amount each year.
  • A “12 month” policy limits your claim to 12 months (or the maximum amount of the policy) and after that this condition is excluded from any future cover.
  • A “maximum benefit” policy puts a limit on the amount that can be claimed. Once that limit has been reached no further payments will be made


Remember, if your cat develops a long term, chronic condition such as kidney failure or diabetes, which can be expensive to manage, then having a policy which is not limited to a year's worth of treatment means you won't suddenly have to find the money yourself to continue your cat's healthcare.

We recommend a Life-Time Policy for
long-term peace of mind.

Please note: we cannot accept any responsibility for your insurance cover, or any failure of your insurance company to pay out on a claim, since your insurance policy is a contract between yourself and the insurance company only.




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