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Interesting Cases: Maisey

Maisey is a typical 15-month old Boxer: full of energy, excitable and very bouncy! Unfortunately, she lost her bounce after escaping from her garden and onto a road, where she collided with a passing car.

She was rushed to the Vets where she was initially treated for shock. Unluckily, however, it was also obvious that Maisey had broken both of her front legs: these were temporarily splinted until she had recovered sufficiently from the accident to allow us to investigate these fractures.

After a couple of days of hospitalisation she had recovered from the shock and had no evidence of any internal injuries, so we anaesthetised her and took some x-rays of her legs:



As is quite obvious on the x-rays, Maisey had broken both the radius & ulna in both of her front legs, in an almost identical site.  

At this stage, despite the splints, Maisey was unable to walk at all because of these breaks.

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